Qualico's Customer Service Advantage

Building a new home is the biggest financial commitment most of us will ever make. But beyond the monetary investment, there is also an investment of emotion. This isn't just a house to you - it is a future of dreams and memories in the making. Understanding that is vital to superior customer service.

To some builders, a house is just a house. In today's market, they feel as if they are in the driver's seat and customer service can take a back seat. At Qualico, we believe the customer drives the process, and our responsibility is to ensure that the experience is a gratifying one, from start to finish.

The building of a new home is an exciting time, but we recognize that it can occasionally seem complicated and stressful. Our goal is to do everything we can to walk you through the process, respecting your time and minimizing your stress. We want to ensure that you are more than satisfied with your home building experience.

Qualico's commitment to service does not end when you take possession of your new home. Our Warranty Department is arguably the best in Winnipeg. We have 7 full time staff members dedicated to warranty work, more than any other local builder. While we strive for perfection from the start, we know that things aren't always perfect. Every new homeowner is encouraged to send in their Service Request Forms at 3, 6 and 12 months after occupancy.

Qualico is committed to making your building experience a rewarding one. We know that the service that we provide to our customers today will be the key to our continued success.






Please note: the first 4 suggestions are crucial to the fall maintenance of your home

• Remove exterior sump pump hose.

• Remove hoses from exterior faucets.

• Drain your sprinkler system. (if applicable)

• Turn off exterior lawn service valves in the basement and open the bleeder valve to prevent pipes from bursting.

• Clean eaves troughs of debris.

• Turn off the AC and cover the unit outside.

• Clean the humidifier per the manufacturer’s instructions and turn on. (if applicable)

• Check and operate the heating system.

• Adjust registers and confirm that cold air returns are clear of furniture or draperies.

• Adjust or replace weather-stripping on exterior doors as needed.

• Check the fit of exterior doors at their thresholds. Many designs are adjustable.

• Ensure that all exterior vents are not blocked by debris.

• Check foundation, concrete slabs, and yard for settling of backfill soils; fill in as     needed to maintain positive drainage.


• In winter brush snow off the roof, gutters and away from downspouts and vents when necessary

• Throughout the winter remove ice build up, or ice dammingf from eaves troughs.

• Avoid using de-icing agents with damaging salts.

• Pour a quart of water down the basement floor drain. As water in this drain evaporates, sewer odor can seep into the house.

• Decorate safely for the holidays. Do not overload circuits or use worn extension cords.

• Set humidistat to 25%-40%.

• Remove window screens to allow air from the heating system to keep condensation off the windows.


  • Test sump pump and attach discharge hose.
  • Turn the humidifier off. (if applicable)
  • Make certain the air conditioner compressor is level and clear of debris and check the operation of the AC before turning it on.
  • Turn on the lawn service valve in the basement.
  • Test exterior faucets for broken pipes
  • *Always check basement for possible leaks when first used.
  • Start and adjust sprinkler system (if applicable).
  • Adjust registers and confirm the cold air returns are clear of furniture and draperies.
During cold weather the exterior extension line on your sump pump should be removed. If left connected in the cold weather this line will freeze, obstructing the water flow which could cause damage to, and possible burn out your sump pump. This may also cause a backup of water under the basement floor causing it to heave.
Checking the sump pit for seepage:
The sump pump pit and the drain tile within the pit area should be checked periodically for evidence of soil seepage from the weeping tiles. Should there be any amount of soil seepage present in the bottom of the pit area, unplug the sump pump and remove, then clean out the pit and sump pump of soil. These steps will ensure the proper operation of your sump pump.
Ensure The Pump Is Operational:
Periodic operation of the sump pump is necessary to prevent the seals from drying out and causing the pump to malfunction. If necessary, pour enough water into the sump to cause the pump to operate for at least 30 seconds. If the pump fails to function:
1. Ensure that the power source is turned on. If it is;
2. Disconnect the power source and check to determine whether the pump is plugged. Do not check the pump until power has been disconnected. If the problem persists.
3. Call the pump manufacturer for the name of a qualified service company The builder is prohibited by a City of Winnipeg by-law from installing a non-mechanical overflow protection to the sump pit system. The builder will therefore assume no responsibility for any damage caused by the failure of this system. The builder’s warranty does not cover water damage to personal belongings from sump pump failure. You may consult with your home owners insurance.

Sump pumps are not covered by warranty.






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